By Vince Antonucci

Every year we do a sermon series based on a movie at our church in Las Vegas.  Members of our church have started to expect and look forward to this particular series each year as It generates a lot of excitement, activity and engagement. It’s clearly become a favorite. Here are the top reasons why and how you should do a sermon series based on movies in your church.

It’s Biblical

First, because I think it’s biblical. I realize they didn’t have movies back then, but Jesus’ parables were usually based on popular, common stories that people would recognize as soon as they heard them. And when Paul spoke at Mars Hill, he quoted from famous Greek poets. Movies are the modern day parables and are relevant to our time. I’m convinced that if Jesus or Paul were here today, they would be using them as examples..

It Illustrates Your Sermon

Second, you know how as a pastor when you are preparing a message, you are constantly trying to find a great story or illustration? Well with a movie series, you already have your story or illustration! And it’s a story people will recognize and remember.

Everyone loves movies

Third, everyone loves it! It’s a favorite series at our church and people are more likely to invite friends for it.

How You Do A Sermon Series Based On Movies

Choose a movie and a message that isn’t a stretch, but also isn’t totally obvious.

If the point you’re trying to make is a stretch, it will seem like you’re trying too hard. But if you make a point that is too obvious, it’s not much fun. You want people who saw the movie to be a little surprised by what you have to say, but at the same time think, “Yeah, that’s true.”

Choose a movie that came out in the last year.

I don’t want our sermon series to feel dated, so I typically choose movies that were released six to fifteen months prior. And it’s best if the movies are already out on DVD that way people can rent and watch them before the sermon.

Use the movie trailer or a scene as a creative piece in your service.

What could be better than having ready-made, built-in creative pieces for each week of your series?

Tell the story of the movie, and then go straight to the Bible.

Like with every message, your movie sermon should be based on the Bible. You can use the plot of the movie as a way of illustrating a timeless truth, but not as an end in itself.

Listen to some examples of movie sermons on our church website: vivalaverve.org.

If you’ve never done one, give it a try! If you have questions, ask away through the comment section on this post.



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