The Ultimate Father’s Day Reading List

Fathers Day Reading Guide by City on a Hill Studio

This Father’s Day, take a reading break between the cookouts and family outings. We searched through our favorite articles about fatherhood and narrowed them down to what we thought would be most encouraging and humorous as a parent in this day and age. We are confident that he will appreciate this cultivated reading guide that we created for all of the men who play a father-like role in another’s life.

Leadership Begins at Home

By Dave Stone – Why do some of the sharpest leaders step up in the workplace but flake out when they walk into their home? Is it fatigue? Work overload? Or are they just out of their element? Hear Dave’s thoughts, from one father to another.

3 Reasons We Get a New Beginning As a Child of God

By Kyle Idleman – In Roman culture, when a child was adopted, their past was formally put behind them. All of their debts were completely canceled and they were declared a new beginning. Shouldn’t the same apply once we publically acknowledge Christ as our savior?

Thoughts About My Mom and Dad

by Tony Evans – The impact of a father on a home, the impact of a husband on a marriage, and the impact of a man on a church or community can’t be emphasized enough. Hear Tony’s heartfelt account of his conflicted home life and how faith saved his family.

Starbucks, a Divorced Dad’s Pain, and Why Christmas Sucks

By Carlos Whittaker – This is a sobering reminder of how many lives are impacted by divorce. Being the brilliant storyteller that he is, Carlos does an amazing job recounting his encounter with a Dad and his son as they part ways.

The Most Life-Changing Thing You Can Do As a Dad

By Kent Evans – If you’re trying to be a godly dad and you only crack open your Bible once a week at church…that’s like trying to run a marathon on an empty stomach, and without ever taking a breath. Is it possible, in leading your family, you’ve disregarded the power of God’s Word?

16 Lessons On How Fathers Should Raise Their Sons

By Nate Galloway – This is a powerful message on how to fathers should raise boys. Nate would know something about this as he has four incredible boys he is currently raising.

Understanding God’s Heart for His Lost Children

By Vince Antonucci – Jesus said his mission was to “seek and save the lost” and reunite God’s lost kids with God. He ultimately gave us that mission but how often do we give, serve, and worship God with little regard for his lost children?

Father's Day Reading Guide

Dad reading “Don’t Give Up” out loud to kids.

The Incomparable Love of our Heavenly Father

By Kenny Silva – Is it possible to reimagine our earthly father in light of our Heavenly Father? This short article opens up about what it means to be His sons and daughters and revel in God’s fatherly goodness.

How to Experience Fatherhood Without Any Regrets

By Ryan Sanders – No father wants to look back on his life having regrets. To live without regret, we must know the obstacles standing in our way, and then remove them.

The Pressure of Fatherhood

By Bob Russell – It is stressful to be a father today. Some Dads have jobs that require more than 40 hours a week and they feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their children. The redefining of gender roles has left many dads uncertain about what is expected of them. How can we get our children to adhere to Christian morals when they’re attacked every day?

How to Forgive Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve it

By City on a Hill – Why should we forgive someone who has caused us such terrible suffering? How do we forgive them when they show no remorse for hurting us?

A Mother And Son’s Story Of Giving And Receiving God’s Grace

By LeighAnne Turner – We can’t extend grace to others unless we are aware of our need for grace first. Without this understanding, we simply adjust our behavior so our outward appearance looks to be in line with the standards we are expected to live by. Religion can alter our behavior, but can it alter our hearts?

Dad daydreaming in the grass with no kids screaming in his ear.

Dads, You Are Called to Encouragement

By Jeremy Linneman – It’s easy to feel exasperated as a dad. In this convicting blog post on Spirit-filled parenting, Jeremy encourages us by teaching us how dads are called to encouragement and by giving us a full exposition of Ephesians 6:4.

Loving, Accepting, And Agreeing: What’s The Difference?

By Caleb Kaltenbach – Is it possible to accept someone who disagrees with us theologically, politically, or socially? So, how do we reconcile this tension between loving and accepting someone, and maintaining the holy standards God has provided?

Why I Hated Thinking of God as a Loving Father

By Vince Antonucci – If God is a loving Father and loves me so much, then why all the “don’t do this,” and “don’t do that?” Read how Vince found healing from an abusive past with his earthly father and discovered the love of his heavenly father.

Is Everyone A Child Of God?

By Kyle Idleman – Is EVERYONE a child of God? We become God’s children because He decided in advance to adopt us into his family by uniting us through Jesus. He knew the messy lives we would live and the poor decisions we would make. God didn’t choose us because of anything we have or haven’t done. He chose us only because he loves us.

A Father’s Legacy

By Bob Russell – Read Bob’s thoughts and reflections after reading the book, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

We hope you can rest, relax, and enjoy many memorable family moments this Father’s Day. May this collection of devotional readings from some of our favorite Christian authors be a vivid reminder of the importance of fathers and the special day we choose to celebrate and remember all dads! Happy Father’s Day!

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