The Power Of Community When You Feel Lonely

The Power Of Community When You Feel Lonely

My friend Kyle is a pastor of a church community that broadcasts on TV. He has also written several books. What this means is he gets a lot of letters. Tons of people share their problems with him and seek his guidance. On occasion, I’ve asked him for advice from one Pastor to another. “What chapter should I be sure … Read More

5 Ways God Points Us Towards Unity In a Broken World


By Vince Antonucci Three Persons In Unity As One Our human understanding of God’s Triune nature falls short of a perfect example of unity. We learn from scripture that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit exist as three persons unified as one. There is one God but he exists as three distinct persons. Three distinct persons, also called the Trinity, … Read More

3 Mysterious Ways To Dance With God

Divine Dance of the Trinity

By Vince Antonucci I’ve never been much into dancing. I was forced to create some jiggy moves at school dances in Junior High. Never fun. Remember how awful those dances were, with girls on one side of the gym, guys on the other. Occasionally, a guy would emerge on the dance floor, but I never enjoyed it. I sometimes will … Read More