6 Things God Wants To Tell You In The Middle Of Your Pain


Do you know what it’s like when someone you love is in pain? You desperately want to help, but there’s nothing you can do. If you’re a parent, you already know what it’s like. Your kid might be in pain from falling off a wagon, a broken heart, an unexpected breakup, the flu, or the homesickness of your college freshman. … Read More

How Can I Trust God When Everything Goes Wrong?

Whether big or small, we have all faced tragedy. In fact, many of us have confronted tragedies one after another in our lives. Sometimes it seems as soon as our circumstances begin to take a turn for the better, we are hit with another setback. You may have even faced a tragedy today. When this happens, it leaves us wondering: … Read More

James and Terra’s Story: God’s Grace Is Greater Than My Suffering

AMES AND TERRA’S STORY: GOD’S GRACE IS GREATER THAN MY SUFFERING by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Is God’s grace bigger than our intense suffering? “I specifically remember a lot of, I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why now. I don’t understand why this, why us?” – Terra We think we understand grace. We recognize it in our daily struggles, our relationships, and in our personal transformations. But what about in the … Read More


All of us have a desire to be free from pain. All of us have a desire to be happy. God wants this for us as well. However, God knows that growth does not always happen in this kind of environment.


By Vince Antonucci Jesus is coming. Are you ready? Have you been living in anticipation for His return?  Most of us believe Jesus will return again but…