Partner With City on a Hill

Partner With City on a Hill

Dear City Family, Fifteen – We are fifteen years old! In an age when trends and organizations are gone in the blink of an eye, we’re deeply grateful to be able to celebrate our 15th year of impact. When City was born 15 years ago, we aimed to powerfully influence others for the Gospel, providing in-depth and compelling resources that … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Movie Event at Your Church

Hosting a movie event provides your congregation with the opportunity to invite friends, family, and people who would not typically come to church. As an outreach event, a movie event allows those in your community to get to know you and enables you to expel any potential preconceived ideas about Christians and the church. In a previous post, we wrote … Read More

5 Ways to Reignite Passion After Leadership Burnout

By Darren Walter Whether you are a volunteer leader at your church or a paid staff member, you will face burnout and discouragement in ministry. What happens when you feel more like throwing in the proverbial towel than tying it around your waist to serve others?