James and Terra’s Story: God’s Grace Is Greater Than My Suffering

AMES AND TERRA’S STORY: GOD’S GRACE IS GREATER THAN MY SUFFERING by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Is God’s grace bigger than our intense suffering? “I specifically remember a lot of, I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why now. I don’t understand why this, why us?” – Terra We think we understand grace. We recognize it in our daily struggles, our relationships, and in our personal transformations. But what about in the … Read More

Megan’s Story: Grace is Greater than My Infertility

Grace Is Greater Megan's Story by City on a Hill Christian Bible Study Resources

There are few struggles as lonely and as invisible as infertility. But for those with empty arms, the wait for a baby can challenge even the most sincere faith. And every month that passes with yet another negative pregnancy test is another reminder that God hasn’t answered their prayers. But for Megan, God’s grace was greater than even her desire … Read More

Can You Forgive Me?

By Kyle Idleman Mr. Williams looked up from the starched white bed sheets to his nurse and asked, “Would you call my daughter Janie and tell her that I have had a mild heart attack? She is the only family that I have.” His eyes welled up with tears and his respiration sped up…

Religion Without Grace is Poisonous

By Kyle Idleman They both sinned, in very similar ways, with a very similar effect. You might say even oddly similar. Except the rest of their stories could not be more different. Why? Because one missed out on the grace of God.

A Safe Place to Hide

By Vince Antonucci Our souls are fragile, the world is sinful, and we try to escape the damage or the bad feelings by hiding. We may not realize it, but a lot of what we do is driven by our soul needing a safe place to hide.