The Astounding Beauty of God’s Grace


Photographing the magnitude and astounding beauty of Big Sur, California is no small task. It is not a “one picture does it justice” kind of place. Even if you take a hundred photographs, you still feel like you need to get one more — from a different angle, height, distance, or light. Because every time you look, it feels new. … Read More

I Lost My Husband, Is God Still Good?

Is God Still Good?

Death is something everyone experiences in their lives. The pain and sorrow that death brings are never easy to cope with. We are shaken when someone we know passes away, and this is only amplified when we are close to the person. How can we trust that God is still good even when he takes away the person we are … Read More

How Can I Trust God When Everything Goes Wrong?

Whether big or small, we have all faced tragedy. In fact, many of us have confronted tragedies one after another in our lives. Sometimes it seems as soon as our circumstances begin to take a turn for the better, we are hit with another setback. You may have even faced a tragedy today. When this happens, it leaves us wondering: … Read More

Is My Sin Beyond God’s Forgiveness?

Forgiveness Of God

“Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was a monster, someone who had shattered lives.” -Darryl Davis Many of us have experienced a moment like this – we look in the mirror and do not recognize the person we see. We know God’s grace is great, but when it comes to specific shortcomings – our own … Read More

Betty’s Story: God’s Grace is Greater Than My Tragedy

Betty's Story-Grace Is Greater Than My Tragedy

In the Face of Tragedy Sometimes, even though we believe in the supremacy of God’s grace, we’d rather have the easier life. If we’re going to have to give up something huge to fully experience His grace, maybe we’re better off without it. Of course, we’d never say that, even to ourselves. But then when reality hits and we realize … Read More

Butch’s Story: God’s Grace is Greater Than My Addiction

Grace Is Greater by City On a Hill -Christian Bible Study Resources

Addiction. Everyone who hears the word has his or her own set of associations, memories, assumptions, and philosophies. But for those caught in its deadly grip, it can undoubtedly seem like there’s no room for grace. And then there’s Butch. He’s gregarious, charming, quick-witted. He seems laid back and genuine. He laughs at his own jokes, which he tells frequently. … Read More

Renee’s Story: God’s Grace is Greater Than My Weakness

Renee's Story by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Is grace greater than your weakness? As Christians, we think we believe in God’s grace. We think we understand that it covers our sins, doubt, and failures. We want to accept that His Grace is greater than our limitations, too. But then daily life happens, and we forget about grace. We try to do things on our own. We think … Read More

James and Terra’s Story: God’s Grace Is Greater Than My Suffering

AMES AND TERRA’S STORY: GOD’S GRACE IS GREATER THAN MY SUFFERING by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Is God’s grace bigger than our intense suffering? “I specifically remember a lot of, I just don’t understand. I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why now. I don’t understand why this, why us?” – Terra We think we understand grace. We recognize it in our daily struggles, our relationships, and in our personal transformations. But what about in the … Read More

Megan’s Story: Grace is Greater than My Infertility

Grace Is Greater Megan's Story by City on a Hill Christian Bible Study Resources

There are few struggles as lonely and as invisible as infertility. But for those with empty arms, the wait for a baby can challenge even the most sincere faith. And every month that passes with yet another negative pregnancy test is another reminder that God hasn’t answered their prayers. But for Megan, God’s grace was greater than even her desire … Read More


By Kyle Idleman Mr. Williams looked up from the starched white bed sheets to his nurse and asked, “Would you call my daughter Janie and tell her that I have had a mild heart attack? She is the only family that I have.” His eyes welled up with tears and his respiration sped up…