Is Everyone A Child Of God?

Is Everyone A Child Of God?

Is Everyone A Child Of God? It’s a paradoxical question because it’s true in one sense yet false in another. It’s true that God is our father by virtue of the fact he is our creator. It’s false in the sense that our sin separates us from him. Our sin puts us in a place where we’re not God’s children; … Read More

Why Do Christians Call God ‘Father’?

God calls himself our “Father.” That makes some of us smile. But not all of us. I’m acutely aware that when you think of the word father, you may not be thinking of going out in the backyard and playing catch. You’re also probably not thinking of someone who took you out for root beer floats on a warm summer … Read More

4 Reasons I Chose To Believe In God

4 Reasons I Believe In God

I didn’t grow up going to church, or reading the Bible, or learning about Jesus. I’m not sure exactly what the “furthest thing from being a Christian” is, but I may have been it. I didn’t believe in God and I didn’t care. At the age of 20, I picked up a Bible for the first time. I had no … Read More

His Mission To Seek and To Save What Was Lost

LOST by City On a Hill -Christian Bible Study Resources

By Vince Antonucci Years ago my wife and I took our then five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter to a big water park. They have a bunch of huge kiddie pools. Each has slides and all kinds of fun stuff. We played in one kiddie pool for a while. Then we walked about 100 yards to the next one. My kids … Read More

3 Reasons We Get a New Beginning As a Child of God

CHILD of GOD by City On a Hill Christian Bible Study Resources

3 Reasons We Get a New Beginning As a Child of God When my daughter Morgan was little I used to tell her, “If I could line up all the little girls in the world, I would choose you.” As she grew up I would always pray with her before bed. When Morgan was seven, she started praying every night, … Read More

Do You Actually Know What Prodigal Means?

Prodigal by City On a Hill - Christian Bible Study Resources

Sometimes words don’t mean what we think they mean. One of my pet peeves is when people misuse the word “literally.” It means “actually” or “exactly.” But I hear a sports announcer say, “In the fourth quarter, Lebron James literally put the team on his back and carried them to victory.” Really?! Because that’s a basketball game I want to … Read More

Why I Hated Thinking of God as a Loving Father

By Vince Antonucci My father didn’t love me. Well, I guess I couldn’t prove that, but it’d be way more challenging to prove he did. He never said the words, “I love you.” He was emotionally and verbally abusive. He walked out on us when I was eleven. My father didn’t love me and I hated him. I not only … Read More