What Are You Hungry For?

What Are You Hungry For? by Vince Antonucci and City on a Hill Studio

I feel like I have been hungry for practically my whole life. Hungry for something that would make me feel full, for something that would make me happy. It’s like I know something is missing, and I am hungry for whatever it is. As a child, I became convinced that what was missing from my life was: Star Wars action … Read More

Mourning is the Way to Happiness

We all want to be happy. We want to be free, joyful, peaceful, and thriving. It follows, then, that we do not want to be sad. We do not want to endure loss, to mourn, to grieve, to be sorrowful, or depressed. Just glance at the magazine covers at the grocery store checkout lane. What do you see? Smiling faces, … Read More

How to Be Beautifully Broken | Featuring Rachelle Starr

How Christians Can Respond to a Sexually Broken World

In The End of Me video series, Kyle Idleman highlights the testimony of Rachelle Starr to demonstrate the power of brokenness and wholeness. Rachelle grew up in a stable, Christian home, but drifted from the Lord in early adulthood. Despite a healthy marriage and a thriving career, Rachelle felt something was missing. “It was never enough,” she shares in the … Read More

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the (Truly) Good Life

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the Good Life

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the (Truly) Good Life How would you describe the Good Life? If you’re being completely honest, and no one would know your answers, how would you respond? How would you fill in the following blank? The Good Life is ______________________________________. Would you respond with an answer similar to one of these? • Having a … Read More


How to be Happy by Kyle Idleman and City on a Hill Studio

We want to be happy. We live in a country dedicated to giving us the right to the pursuit of happiness. We’re convinced that happiness is out there; we just need to catch it. So we chase after it. We have an “if only” mindset. If only … I could make just a little more money, then I’d be happy. If … Read More


By Kyle Idleman I came home from work one day and my wife greeted me at the door with, “Morgan is still asleep. She’s been sleeping long enough though, so why don’t you go wake her up.” When I opened her door, I could see that a large chest-of-drawers had fallen over. I frantically looked around the room for Morgan. … Read More


By Kyle Idleman People listened to him for his wisdom. Yet he said things that seemed paradoxical. He would challenge you with his words; cause you to mull them over to make sense of them, for his way of thinking was not an ordinary way of thinking.