Why Do Christian Leaders Fall?

Why Do Christian Leaders Fall?

Hearing stories about Christian leaders who’ve faced a moral breakdown is far too familiar. We often place unreasonable demands on these leaders or expect them to maintain an image of perfection. The reality is that it’s not uncommon for church leaders to wrestle with burdening personal matters or deep spiritual struggles. A few years ago, a man by the name … Read More

I Can Only Imagine Bible Study and Church Resources


The message in the blockbuster hit film, I Can Only Imagine, is that life is sometimes painfully challenging. Wounds can be deep and slow to heal, but forgiveness is powerful and redemption is possible. God works all things out according to his purposes and in his perfect timing. Bart Millard risked a great deal to share his story with the … Read More

A Message To Pastors About Using Film In Church

I Can Only imagine Movie Blog

In the movie, The Father of the Bride, Steve Martin tells his daughter, Annie, that she should put her jacket on because it’s cold outside. She completely ignores her father’s suggestion, but when her fiancé gives her the exact same advice, she quickly grabs her jacket. Sometimes pastoring feels a lot like Steve Martin did at that moment. Can you … Read More

5 Ways to Reignite Passion After Leadership Burnout

By Darren Walter Whether you are a volunteer leader at your church or a paid staff member, you will face burnout and discouragement in ministry. What happens when you feel more like throwing in the proverbial towel than tying it around your waist to serve others?