What Bart Millard and His Mother Can Teach Us About Unforgiveness

What Bart Millard and His Mother Can Teach Us About Unforgiveness

“Did Bart Millard ever talk to his mother again after she left?” That’s the question I asked myself after watching the film, I Can Only Imagine. When you’ve only got a minute of screen time to tell a years-long story, details can often be hard to find. Thankfully, Bart’s memoir fills in some of the gaps. When Adele (Bart’s mom) … Read More

How Bart Millard Transformed Rejection Into Opportunity


Have you ever been rejected? Can you remember that intense feeling of inferiority that came when someone said you weren’t good enough? In this post, we look at how God’s love speaks to our sense of inadequacy and challenges us to look forward to the day when we see our perfect acceptance in Christ.

5 Reasons Bart Millard Should’ve Given up on His Dreams

Why Bart Millard Should Have Given Up On His Dreams

Have your dreams ever collided with reality? In this post, we look at 5 of the hardest aspects of Bart Millard’s story and why they should’ve put an end to all his hopes and dreams. More importantly, we learn that God’s reality is much better than our present circumstances. As much as we might be tempted to give up on ourselves, but He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The Life Story Behind Bart Millard’s “I Can Only Imagine”

Life Story Behind Bart Millard's I Can Only Imagine

Some songs only take a few minutes to write. Others take an entire lifetime. In this post, we recount the story of Bart Millard’s traumatic childhood and the radical grace that transformed his abusive father into his best friend. Out of that transformation and the hope, Bart found following his father’s untimely death came the double platinum hit, “I Can Only Imagine.