I love leading my group, but as you lead a group, you pour more of yourself out. As you help people connect with each other, change to be like Jesus, and cultivate a heart for others, you keep pouring more of yourself out. And that’s okay, but you need to make key investments so that you’re being poured back into. Let me encourage you to do a handful of things that will help keep your cup full.

Start your day in prayer.

This could be something as simple as rolling out of bed, dropping to your knees, saying, “God, let this day be about you. Help me yield to your Spirit today, and help me resist temptation.” Whatever you pray, let that prayer be a time where you connect with God and acknowledge that the day is his.

Make Bible reading a morning routine.

Then, as you move along in the morning, I would encourage you to make Bible reading a part of your morning tradition.

And I would suggest using a one-year Bible reading plan. Since the Scriptures tell us that all Scripture is profitable for teaching, correcting, proof and training in righteousness, then we need to read all of it. Using a one-year plan helps me hear from the Spirit in a whole different way than if I just sat down and read Colossians over and over again.

Be involved with your church.

Besides prayer and Bible reading, you need to fully participate in the life of your church. Being part of a group is awesome, and sometimes it can feel like church, but your group is only part of the church. That’s why you need to participate in worship services, sing with other people, and listen to the sermon just like everyone else. It will help you connect with something much bigger than yourself, and much bigger than your group.

 Let me encourage you to do a handful of things that will help keep your cup full.

Lastly, redeem the time.

We all have those moments in our day that could be redeemed. For me, it’s a 30 minute commute to work and a 30 minute commute home – an hour of ample time to listen to a sermon or worship music. For many years I listened to the news, but the news just makes me pensive and puts me in a bad mood. So now I turn off the news and instead listen to something that’s uplifting, encouraging, or challenging. And I’ll tell you, I show up to work or come home at the end of the day in a whole different, and much better, frame of mind.

If you are diligent to do some of these things every day, what you’ll find is that your cup is full, and it will give you the energy and strength you need to continue to pour yourself out as a leader.

*This is the seventh post in a series of 27 Tips for Small Group Leaders

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