By Bill Search

Group leaders don’t just fall from the sky. I wish they did, but they don’t. In fact, the number one way that group leaders emerge is when other group leaders find them. Let me speak to you as a group leader in what to look for in future group leaders because these people are probably in your group.

The first thing to look for is a growing relationship with Christ. This is not someone who’s perfect, or who has it all together, but someone who’s thirsty spiritually and is seeking to grow their relationship with Christ.

A second characteristic of a future leader is someone who takes an active interest in other people. They listen. They interact with the people in the group. They always want to see people involved. In fact, if there’s someone in your group who’s wandering a little bit, they’ve likely shown concern for them or they seek to include them more in the conversation.

Another characteristic is someone who wants to serve. They like to pitch in, lend a hand, and are always willing to help.

A future leader should also have decent interpersonal skills. They don’t have to be magnificent with people, but if they’re socially awkward or just straight odd, they might not make the best leader, so decent interpersonal skills are important.

A future leader should also have decent interpersonal skills.

Then finally, someone who is either a church member or willing to become a church member is important to look for because that’s a sign of commitment, which is an important characteristic for small group leaders to have.

Those are just a handful of the very simple characteristics of a future group leader for you to be on the lookout for.

*This is the twenty-fourth post in a series of 27 Tips for Small Group Leaders

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