Not a Fan Pastor’s Kit (Digital Download)


This product is only available as a digital download. We apologize for any inconvenience as we no longer carry physical copies of this particular product.

Whether Jesus was speaking to large crowds or small groups, he made sure everyone was clear on what it meant to follow him. As pastors, we are called to do the same. Jesus is not looking for fans, he is looking for followers.

Followers who understand that…

  • There is no forgiveness without repentance
  • There is no salvation without surrender
  • There is no life without death
  • There is no believing without following

Not a Fan is a serious small group study that powerfully communicates this challenging but central message of the Gospel, and the Pastor’s Kit is designed to help you as a pastor in your mission to raise up a generation of completely committed followers of Jesus.

This product will arrive in your email with your receipt as downloadable files after you finish the check out process. It will also be available within the “Downloads” tab of your account as well.

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What Should I Buy?



The Series features episodic, story-driven videos integrated with biblical teaching. Series are ideal for entertainment, edification, and conversation.


This daily guide helps you apply lessons learned in the Series through personal devotions, thoughtful questions and bible verses for reflection. Use the Journal for personal study in conjunction with the Series.



This kit contains everything you need to host a group (minus the snacks). Includes: one Series, one Leader’s Guide, one Journal, and various bonus items that vary per title.

Extra Leader’s Guides
Some groups prefer for each participant to have their own leader’s guide. The Leader's Guide is designed to facilitate meaningful discussion by providing carefully crafted questions and guidance to compliment the Series. It is easy to follow and includes helpful tips on how to lead a small group.
Extra Journals
If you want the best experience for your small group, we recommend that each person in the group also uses the journal. One is included for you in the kit, but additional copies can be purchased a la cart.



The Pastor’s Kit includes everything needed to plan a sermon series: a special video message for pastors, video guide for implementing a church-wide program, sermon transcripts with notes, video clips to accompany sermons, sermon bumpers (short video clip to introduce each week’s sermon), and digital art files to use in creation of bulletins and other promo materials.

Order in Bulk
Order Leader’s Guides, Journals, and Series in bulk to get the best rates. Each Small Group will need one Leader’s Guide, one Series, and a Journal for each participant.



Movies are available for select titles. These feature films are perfect for at-home entertainment or church and outreach events. Movie License Event Kits are required for group showings and come with additional materials for promotion.



Many of our studies are also books. While the book and study complement each other and cover the same themes, they are not designed to be used simultaneously. The Journal and Leader’s Guide products are designed for the purpose of a guided study.


For select titles you will find t-shirts, wristbands, artwork or other accessories may be available. We prefer to only create items that we feel will enhance the experience of that study (for example, the not a fan t-shirt has led to many conversations about Jesus and even stories of conversion).


This Not a Fan Pastor’s Kit contains the following files which will be sent to your email after purchase:

  • 6 sermons (available as in Word document and PDF formats)
  • 10 Art files
  • 4 Logo art files
  • 14 Photos
  • Church-wide guide video
  • Countdown video
  • Video message to pastors from Kyle Idleman
  • 6 sermon bumpers (one for each video episode)
  • 6 sermonettes (one for each video episode)
  • Trailers (3-minute and 30-second versions)
  • 4 Web Banners