A Message To Pastors About Using Film In Church

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In the movie, The Father of the Bride, Steve Martin tells his daughter, Annie, that she should put her jacket on because it’s cold outside. She completely ignores her father’s suggestion, but when her fiancé gives her the exact same advice, she quickly grabs her jacket.

Sometimes pastoring feels a lot like Steve Martin did at that moment. Can you relate?

Is Your Church Listening?

You want to protect your flock, give them the good news of the Gospel, and share the hope of redemption in a way they can hear it. But they don’t seem to be listening to you.

Bart Millard, the songwriter, and lead singer of Grammy award-winning band MercyMe wants pastors and church leaders to be reminded how movies can often be that other voice, a voice that is easier for the beloved to hear.

I Can Only Imagine Church Campaign Kit

In addition to serving as an executive producer for the film, City on a Hill partnered with Erwin Brothers Entertainment and Bart Millard to be the exclusive content provider for all the church and bible study resources.

The message of this movie has been powerfully received by the hearts of viewers everywhere and has created an open door for many to find healing from past wounds through the truth of the Gospel.

A Call To Pastors

But don’t just take it from us! Listen to Keith Loy, Senior Founding Pastor of Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD, offer a call to senior pastors regarding this monumental film event.

Using Bart Millard’s story of pain redeemed, brokenness restored, and God glorified, you can guide your church to recall their past wounds, reorient their present identity, and reimagine their future.

Guiding Your Church

I Can Only Imagine, highlights the brokenness many families face within our communities. Yet, just as Bart found hope and wholeness in God’s love, so can the people in your group or community.

Whether you are interested in planning a sermon series or hosting a movie event, we have all the resources you need. Order City on a Hill’s I Can Only Imagine Church Campaign Kit which includes:

  • 6 Sermons
  • Sermon Bumpers
  • 6 Children’s Lessons
  • Video Series featuring Bart Millard
  • Leader’s Guide with discussion & facilitation questions
  • 28-Day Study Journal
  • Campaign Planning Guide
  • Social media memes and posts
  • Promotional Tools
  • and more!

You do not want to miss an opportunity for your church to connect with one another and others through this movie. Help your community imagine themselves through God’s eyes and find healing in His approval, purpose, and eternal hope!

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