How God Uses Church Movie Events To Unite Communities

I Can Only Imagine Movie Event License

Have you heard the powerful stories that have been shared as a result of the blockbuster film, I Can Only Imagine?

Stories of forgiveness, healing, and redemption have poured in since the Erwin Brothers film made its’ box office debut in 2018. Reaching thousands and selling out theaters across the country, I Can Only Imagine tells a story that captivated audiences with the subtle, yet profound, message of the gospel.

Yet the impact of this film is far from over.

Marked by a volatile relationship with his father and estranged from his mother, I Can Only Imagine follows Bart Millard’s painful journey to become the lead singer for the popular Christian band, MercyMe.

Through his struggle, Bart learned about the hope and forgiveness found in God’s redeeming love, and ultimately became inspired to write MercyMe’s hit song, I Can Only Imagine.

Movie Events are an Opportunity To Share The Gospel

While God calls some to full-time ministry, all of us are called to share the life-bearing message of the gospel. We find examples of this calling all throughout scripture.

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says that we should actively encourage one another and build each other up.
  • 1 Peter 3:15 instructs us to be able to show people the reason for our hope.
  • 1st and 2nd Corinthians advises the local church to share the powerful message of the Gospel with others.

Still, it’s clear, especially for church leaders, that God has not asked us to wait for people to come to us. The Great Commission beckons us to an active, rather than passive, life as Christians.

This is one of many reasons why a church movie event offers such a fruitful opportunity for people to experience and share transforming messages of hope and redemption found in the Gospel.

Based on the countless testimonies being shared, we’re confident the life-giving messages in I Can Only Imagine will resonate deeply with everyone in your community.

How God Uses Church Movie Events To Unite Communities Blog by City on a Hill Studio

Movie Events Offer Hope and Encouragement For Broken Families

Bart’s powerful story highlights the brokenness many families face within our communities.

The reality is many people experience painful circumstances as a result of their past. Because of their struggle, they may believe it’s too late or that nobody can relate.

They may even believe that they’ll never get through this season of struggle.

Just as Bart found hope and wholeness in God’s love, so can the people in your community.

Bart’s story offers encouragement to those facing impossible circumstances. It also offers hope and reassurance that God hasn’t forgotten them. Sometimes, it helps to hear from others who have been down a similar road.

I Can Only Imagine is a compelling way to show your community that it’s never too late for God to step into their circumstances. They may even discover God’s purpose for their struggle.

How God Uses Church Movie Events to Unite Communities Blog by CIty on a Hill Studio

Movie Events Provide Unique Outreach Opportunities

Community and church movie events offer unique outreach opportunities to fill seats with members of your community. Movie events also offer amazing opportunities to:

  • Encourage guests to visit your church in a no-pressure atmosphere.
  • Build community within your church around a powerful story.
  • Most importantly – share the gospel!

Do you have someone in mind who needs hope and encouragement? Is your church or small group in need of an inspiring and healing message, like I Can Only Imagine?

If so, point them toward a movie event that shares a deeply inspiring message like I Can Only Imagine. Whether you’re a pastor, youth leader, or just interested in recommending a movie event to your church leaders, we have all the resources you need. Click here to get started!

Church Movie Event on the lawn

Give your group the opportunity to see redemption and forgiveness on the big screen.

Hosting a movie event offers opportunities to reinforce God’s love and ability to work all things out according to his purpose. Please reach out to us if you have questions about hosting a movie event or purchasing a license for your church movie events. Click here to share the message of I Can Only Imagine today!

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