How to Overcome the Overwhelming Obstacles You Face

Over the last two decades, obstacle course races and events have grown exponentially in popularity. Turn on the TV on a weeknight, and you might find American Ninja Warrior athletes—non-professional folks like you and me—climbing ladders, leaping over swinging obstacles, and climbing walls, all in front of a raucous, cheering crowd. Races like the Tough Mudder and Spartan Races are … Read More

5 Keys to Hosting a Memorable Movie Event


A movie event can attract new and old members of your church for a night of fun and worship. This is an opportunity for your organization to self-promote and provide information about your church in an approachable way to potential new members. It is important to keep in mind that prospective members might be intimidated by a church service or … Read More

A Message To Pastors About Using Film In Church

I Can Only imagine Movie Blog

In the movie, The Father of the Bride, Steve Martin tells his daughter, Annie, she should put her jacket on because it’s cold outside. She completely ignores her father’s suggestion, but when her fiancé gives her the exact same advice, she quickly grabs her jacket. Sometimes pastoring feels a lot like Steve Martin did at that moment. Is Your Church … Read More


By Chuck Colson Why is it that we humans long for lasting peace? The answer is simple: We were made for it. This Memorial Day we remember those brave men and women who gave their lives in defense of our most precious freedoms. And we would do well to pray for the members of our armed forces who are placing … Read More

Can You Forgive Me?

By Kyle Idleman Mr. Williams looked up from the starched white bed sheets to his nurse and asked, “Would you call my daughter Janie and tell her that I have had a mild heart attack? She is the only family that I have.” His eyes welled up with tears and his respiration sped up…

A Safe Place to Hide

By Vince Antonucci Our souls are fragile, the world is sinful, and we try to escape the damage or the bad feelings by hiding. We may not realize it, but a lot of what we do is driven by our soul needing a safe place to hide.


By Vince Antonucci God is calling us out of hiding and into an authentic, fully transparent relationship with Him. That may scare us, but deep down it’s what we long for.


Vince Antonucci God doesn’t fit in our boxes. If I could fully understand God, he’d have to be less complex than the directions on my new IKEA furniture, and, I suspect, we’d all be in trouble.