How to Find Healing for our Deepest Wounds

As a pastor, I often have people share deep and painful things with me. They confess their sins. They express the guilt they feel. They describe the brokenness that surrounds them. They explain the wounds they have experienced. They describe the shame they feel as a result of all these things. Too often, though, I notice that people—myself included—struggle to … Read More

Because of His Great Love For You

Before we collide with the grace of God, we must collide with the truth of our own sin. -Kyle Idleman In Ephesians 2:1-3, we see that we were dead apart from God’s grace—like zombies, we were the walking dead. But through Christ, God makes us alive. Why does he do this? “Because of his great love for us!” The apostle … Read More

Not a Fan Resources for Church and Bible Study

Are you a fan or follower of Jesus? Most of us would jump at the opportunity to proclaim our Jesus fandom, but the truth is, Jesus isn’t looking for fans; he’s looking for completely committed followers. How can we tell the difference? The dictionary defines a fan as, “an enthusiastic admirer.” We live in a culture where it seems like … Read More

God’s Grace is Greater Than Your Worst Sin

We have inherited the riches beyond our wildest imagination, but continue living on our old budget, penny-pinching our way through life with God. In the early 20th Century, a woman named Hetty Green died, leaving behind an incredible fortune. By today’s figures, it’s estimated that she was worth over four billion dollars at the time of her death. She was … Read More

How to Become More Like Christ

Becoming Christ Like by City on a Hill Studio and Jeremy Linneman

Money is not the problem, a heart that loves money is the problem. In America, we often think that money can buy happiness. I think most people would agree with the statement: “The more money I have, the happier I will be.” Recently, researchers from the fields of psychology and sociology have tested the hypothesis that money leads to happiness. … Read More

What Are You Hungry For?

What Are You Hungry For? by Vince Antonucci and City on a Hill Studio

I feel like I have been hungry for practically my whole life. Hungry for something that would make me feel full, for something that would make me happy. It’s like I know something is missing, and I am hungry for whatever it is. As a child, I became convinced that what was missing from my life was: Star Wars action … Read More

The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached

In the Copper Canyons of hidden, rural Mexico, there is a small tribe called the Tarahumara. According to the few outsiders who have been granted access, members of the Tarahumara: Live by simple foods, strange drinks, and hardly work at all. Don’t have clean water, doctors or hospitals. Don’t even wear shoes. Live an ancient and prehistoric way of living. … Read More

Mourning is the Way to Happiness

We all want to be happy. We want to be free, joyful, peaceful, and thriving. It follows, then, that we do not want to be sad. We do not want to endure loss, to mourn, to grieve, to be sorrowful, or depressed. Just glance at the magazine covers at the grocery store checkout lane. What do you see? Smiling faces, … Read More

How to Be Beautifully Broken | Featuring Rachelle Starr

How Christians Can Respond to a Sexually Broken World

In The End of Me video series, Kyle Idleman highlights the testimony of Rachelle Starr to demonstrate the power of brokenness and wholeness. Rachelle grew up in a stable, Christian home, but drifted from the Lord in early adulthood. Despite a healthy marriage and a thriving career, Rachelle felt something was missing. “It was never enough,” she shares in the … Read More

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the (Truly) Good Life

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the Good Life

The Secret to Finding Jesus and the (Truly) Good Life How would you describe the Good Life? If you’re being completely honest, and no one would know your answers, how would you respond? How would you fill in the following blank? The Good Life is ______________________________________. Would you respond with an answer similar to one of these? • Having a … Read More