5 Ways God Points Us Towards Unity In a Broken World


By Vince Antonucci

Three Persons In Unity As One

Our human understanding of God’s Triune nature falls short of a perfect example of unity. We learn from scripture that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit exist as three persons unified as one. There is one God but he exists as three distinct persons. Three distinct persons, also called the Trinity, who exist as one God.

God has always existed in a seamless relationship as three in one. By nature, God is a triune being who is perfect love and perfect peace. It’s hard to comprehend, yet the hope and promise of God’s power points us towards unity, even in this broken world.

Love God And Each Other

God didn’t create people because he was lonely or needed other people. He created people to share a relationship of perfect oneness and perfect love. God first created Adam so he could live in unity with the trinity. But God realized that no other human existed for Adam to have an enduring relationship with.

Unity In Broken World by City On a Hill in Louisville, KY

So God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. Adam was, in a sense, split into two. He was one person yet, now he was two. God ushered Adam and Eve into the first marriage, and the man is “united to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). Adam and Eve were two people, yet now one.

The Wages Of Sin

Everything was going according to God’s plan. Creation experienced oneness with the creator and with each other. But then the page turns and sin plagues every human connection on Earth.

God created Adam and Eve so they could share a perfect relationship formed of oneness and love. In the third chapter of the story, they sin and the wages of that sin breaks their commune with God. It wrecks the flawless point of their existence. They lose their oneness with God and with each other. They immediately move from shared intimacy and vulnerability to shame and covering up. Is this why we still today lack the ability to experience perfect unity and oneness in our relationships?

Cracked and Damaged Relationships

Ever since, we have lived in a world of broken relationships, lack of oneness and, far too often, hatred instead of love.

  • God created marriage as a reflection of his relationship. Jesus said two people joined together in marriage should never separate. Yet almost half of all marriages end in divorce.
  • God intended the church to be a unified group of believers. People who were separate and unique yet able to come together and form one body. One body that would show Jesus through their love for others. But instead, we see a culture where churches split-up over style of worship music or color of carpets.
  • God instituted governments to help keep peace. Yet ours faces division and opposition from people unable to work together.
  • God made colors of people to form a beautiful mosaic that reveals his artistry. Instead, we see stories of racial violence on the news each night.

Unity begins with our relationship to God

It’s easy to overlook the nature and unity of our triune God when we only see the divided nature of our world. But the first place we need to look is in the mirror. Let me leave you with a few questions to ponder:

  • Are you living in real intimacy with God?
  • How devoted are you to reading your Bible daily and to practicing the presence of God throughout the day?
  • How committed are you to living in oneness with your spouse?
  • Do you hate divorce the way God does, because it tears apart a relationship meant to reflect the unity of God?
  • Do you live in unity with your church, or do you prefer to voice your displeasure when things aren’t the way you like?
  • When it comes to politics, are you committed to promoting the views of your party or encouraging harmony and love?

–Vince Antonucci


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