Resources Designed To Deepen Your Walk With Christ

We create beautiful, story-driven Bible study resources for men and women worldwide, designed to deepen and flourish your walk with Christ. Our resources are gospel-centered and include video series, movies, personal Bible study journals, and guides for small groups and churches.



Amazing Stories and Films Streaming Anywhere

For 17 years City on a Hill has created modern stories that tell God’s timeless truth by uniting beautiful and moving film with reliable and straightforward biblical teaching.

Now we've created a Christian streaming platform, REVEAL, which enables you to watch Bible studies anywhere and whenever you want.

With a subscription to REVEAL:

  1. Access a growing library of award-winning Bible study videos and films.

  2. Choose content for your personal study, small group discussion, or family devotion.

  3. Hear from trusted leaders speaking into your everyday life. 

Reveal Tv